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Comparing the two Types of Parking Syatems

If you own a vehicle, they you understand the advantage of a parking system. However, the problem is that sometimes it is difficult to determine the best parking system. Before you determine the type of parking system that you want or your garage, you have to compare the advantages and the disadvantages. This question is usually frequent when a certain person, such as an investor is looking for a parking solution.

There are many factors that people consider when they are determining whether to look for a gated system or not. The experts in this field indicate that even the people who own large parking facilities sometimes install the metered parking systems. In the year 2015, several parking consultants analyzed the gated versus the metered parking systems. One of the observations was that the gated parking meters are cost effective because they do not have enforcement costs. One of the major advantages of the gated parking meters is that they provide an opportunity for reliable revenue capture. This article basically focuses on the costs and revenues involved in the gated and the metered parking systems.

Apart from the upfront costs, other considerations to make include the installation as well as operational costs. The maintenance is the money that you spend repairing damages that might be on the parking system. You can read more about parking systems in thos page.

This means that in a year, the city of Miami would regain the initial costs of the gated parking system. On the other hand, the initial costs of the metered parking system approximates to twelve percent of the projected annual income. When making the decision, you need to keep in mind the equipment that you will require to complete the project.

For your parking lot to be complete, you also need to have the servers and the workstations. Installation costs are necessary in both types of parking systems. If you decide to install the gated parking system, you have to spend money on equipment islands, installing the entrance and exit lanes and also the communication infrastructure. Those who install the metered parking systems usually completes it even in a day.

This means that a parking system can serve you for more than eight years whether it has a gate or not. The parking systems will last longer if the area of the region they are located in is friendly. Maintaining a gated parking system is very affordable. The person who is running the parking system should ensure that the moving parts are well taken care of.

You need to have the right number of employees if you want your garage and parking system to run smoothly and earn the approximated revenues. The operational cost of the metered parking is system is hence totally different from that of the gated parking system. Check out this blog to get enlightened on this topic:


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